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Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

Parent & Caregiver Support


  • feeling tired, under-appreciated or over-worked

  • having a hard time breaking out of cycles of conflict

  • struggling to communicate as a family system or in co-parenting relationships

  • seeking new ways of gaining compliance, structure and peace in your home

  • unsure how best to help your child or teen who's experiencing big feelings or difficult behaviour 

Parenting can be a joy, but also hard work.

There's a reason they say, "raising a child takes a whole village."

Parent counselling is a place just for you to identify and address personal struggles, explore parenting strategies to support your children and teens with behaviour change and emotion regulation, or to work on communication between partners. I frequently offer strategies & resources, activities and educated insights to caregivers based on your child's unique needs, goals, and the research in this area.


Sessions can be brief (30 minutes) or longer (up to 60 minutes) depending on your preferences and the nature of the issue. Other family members are welcome to be a part of these meetings, to ensure everybody is on the same page and to encourage healthy communication.


You may choose to meet on a regular & consistent basis, or as-needed. 

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